Technically Inclined? Try a Career in Engineering

There are many different types of engineers. People who desire a career in engineering have a wide array of fields they can study and eventually work in.

Having a good understanding of the different fields of engineering may help you decide what direction to take your career.


In the current landscape of engineering civil engineers are on the leading edge of technology.

Civil engineers work within communities to help develop and improve them. This includes working on transit systems, satellites, pollution, roadways, drinking water systems, energy grids along with much more.

It is the ideal career for the problem solver who enjoys working with people to meet and address the challenges of the past, present and future.


Chemical engineers work primarily to find better chemicals to make up the composition of the world in the things we use on a daily basis.

This includes plastics, fibers, fuels, paints, medicines, semi-conductors, paper, fertilizers and much more.

Chemical engineers play an important role environmentally by helping to develop clean technologies and determining the impact of certain chemicals on the environment.


Electrical engineering is considered the largest field of engineering, with engineers designing everything from consumer electronics to large scale communications systems. junkyards near me

Electrical engineers work on robotics, wireless communications, medical technologies and even computer networks.

The things they work on are on the forefront of technology, which makes this field of engineering innovative, fun and exciting.


Computer engineering has gained in popularity over the past ten years to become one of the more sought after engineering career paths.

Engineers in this field design, construct, implement and maintain computers and computer controlled equipment. At one point in time this was a secondary field of study under electrical engineering, but with the increased presence of computers in society it has emerged as a field of its own.


The previously mentioned engineering fields are just some of the most popular fields one can choose from.

There are a number of other specialized fields that one can go into when they want to be an engineer. Some of those fields include environmental engineering, industrial engineering, nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and bioengineering.


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